What we do

We build contextually-aware software to make you more productive.

We build contextually-aware software that works with the the most popular applications used by businesses. We believe you should have seamless access to your most relevant and valuable content, when and where you need it.

What is contextually-aware software?

It is an emerging category in business software of smarter and more intelligent tools. It uses relevant and contextual information to help you get work done.

Consumers use tools like this everyday. Think of how Google Now and Apple's Siri use contextual information, like your location, to tell you useful things like how long the drive home will take in current traffic. We're applying a similar approach to help you get work done. Using contextual information, like the current document you're working on and what you're typing, we find related information from your cloud accounts.

What is Collected?

Collected is a suite of tools currently available for Microsoft Office for PC and Mac, Google Chrome, and Google Docs. These tools bring usable pieces of the content from your cloud accounts to the places you work most. With Collected, you unlock your best work as you work.



Steve Cotter

Founder, Product Development and User Experience

Experience in Management Consulting, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. Steve holds an MS in Computational Mathematics from Duquesne University and an MS in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University.


Amanda Kroft

Development and Infrastructure

Experience in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Software Development. Amanda holds an MS in Computational Mathematics from Duquesne University and has been coding for over ten years.


Drew Lessard

Business Development, Marketing, and Product Strategy

Experience in Business Development, Strategy, and Marketing. Drew holds an MBA from Duquesne University and an MA in Economics from Boston University.

Latest Press

"Research smarter with Dropbox-connected apps"
Dropbox for Business Blog, March 2015
"BoxWorks 2014 – quick thoughts, delayed"
Digital Clarity Group, September 2014
"Alpha Lab's tech events teach the art of the pitch"
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, October 2013

For media inquiries, please contact pr@collected.io.


A selection of memorable moments from our company.


  • Steve partners with Amanda to apply to the AlphaLab startup accelerator in Pittsburgh. Here the first iterations of Collected are coded and the company is incorporated.
  • Collected launches a beta web app allowing users to search files across their cloud accounts.
  • Support for Dropbox and Google Drive are added.
  • Collected makes its first big pivot. Originally conceived as a simple aggregated search tool, we changed our ambitions to develop integrated, automated content suggestion for the most commonly used applications.


  • While only made available to a private beta, the first content suggestions are received by users in Microsoft Word.
  • A public beta begins with applications available for Microsoft Word and Powerpoint for PC.
  • Support for Box and OneDrive (SkyDrive) are added.
  • Collected is available in the Google Docs Add-On store. Our Google review calls Collected "powerful and original" with the reviewer predicting that Collected will likely become a very popular add-on for Google Docs.
  • Drew joins the team as the third employee, heading up Sales and Marketing.
  • Collected becomes available in the Google Chrome Extension store, bringing content suggestion to the web with support for apps like Gmail, Evernote, Box Notes, Office 365, and more.
  • After user feedback and research, Collected narrows its focus to enterprise and business customers.
  • Collected closes the public beta after creating nearly 5,000,000 snippets and slides from nearly 800,000 files and delivering over 700,000 content suggestions.
  • Free and Paid Subsription Plans are released.
  • Collected is available for Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac.


  • Collected adds support for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint 2013.