Contextually-relevant content delivered to the apps you use most.

Digging for content is a tedious waste of time.

Ever tried to find an old slide or paragraph to use in a new document or presentation? Today's tools require you to do most of the work.


You have to know or recall that content exists in the first place. What if a coworker created it?


You must stop everything you're doing and open your content repository or search app to start looking.


You have to open several files and dig through them to finally get to the content you need, if you find it at all.

5hrs / wk

Salespeople spend, on average, just looking for marketing collateral.

Collected lets your content find you.

Collected is a sidebar app that automatically finds your most related content as you type. It delivers relevant files, paragraphs, and slides from your connected content repositories and cloud accounts.

Collected unobstrusively shows you your most related snippets, slides, and files in the sidebar, helping you complete your thoughts and get inspiration.


Collected uses the context of your current work to find related material you may not have even thought to look for.


Collected is embedded in the apps you use everyday to get work done. You never have to break your workflow.


Collected searches so you don't have to. Related content is unobtrusively displayed and just one click away.


Decrease in time spent looking for content compared to looking through folders.

Collected loves your favorite apps

See related snippets, slides, and files in your favorite content-creation apps and across the web.

See related snippets from all your docs as you type in Microsoft Word


Find and reuse slides from your other presentations as you work in Microsoft PowerPoint


Delivers content from your Google Drive, as you type in Google Docs

Google Docs

Suggests your cloud-stored content across the web with Google Chrome


All your work from all your accounts

Easily connect Collected to your cloud-stored content.

Get more value from your Box stored content in Office and across the web


Leverage all your team's shared content from you Dropbox for Business account


Make Google Docs aware of all your Google Drive files

Google Drive

Connect your OneDrive to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint with Collected


Contact us for enterprise support and custom deployments for SharePoint, Salesforce, and more.

What our customers say:

Without Collected helping me to find content from the company's previous contracts, I would have never survived my first six months.


Zola J. - Consultant

Collected has changed the way that I do my work by helping me quickly reuse content, so I can produce and submit quality grant applications with ease.


Penny H. - Funding Manager

Collected is brilliant. It sparks new ideas and speeds up my response time buy allowing me to pull and place concepts quickly.


Jamil B. - Account Executive
Gatesman + Dave

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